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Configuring Your Store

Last Updated: 2 months ago

There are numerous settings available for you to customize your store. Completing the restaurant setup will get you started but it's likely you will need some extra configuration.

Below is a list of common requirements that most restaurant owners have. Note that they may not all apply to you. You can get additional information on these settings under their respective support articles.

Different Pickup & Delivery Times
If you have different pickup and delivery opening times, you should enable this by editing your location under Select the enable the option when editing the location and configure your delivery opening hours.

Additional Restaurant Locations
If you have additional restaurant locations, now is a good time to add them. Head to the, select create and enter your location details.

Delivery Fee, Minimum Order About, Max Distance, Notes...
If you charge a delivery fee, require a minimum order, only delivery orders a certain distance or want to let your customers know something, head to

Order Time Offsets
Under, you can configure order time offsets. For example you can only accept orders 30 minutes after your store opens. Or orders can only be placed using the "later" option must be a minimum of 1 hour from now

Configure Online Payments
Setting up online payments requires you to create a Stripe account and connect it with us. This can be done in less than 15 minutes. We recommend reading to learn how. You can find your payments management page at

Custom Store Design
Head to to customize your store design. Change your layout depending on whether or not you plan on using dish images. Change your colors and add your background, header and logo images.

Terms & Conditions
The page allow you to set up terms that customers must agree to before placing an order. It's important that any business lays out their terms & conditions clearly to prevent issues with customers alongside providing a way to resolve disputes. We have done our best to make this as easy as possible by providing you with pre-written examples.

Automated Statuses
If you would like order statuses to be automated, head to and enable the automated status option. You can configure the time in minutes to automatically change order statuses.

If you would like to change your subdomain, you can do so under You can also add your custom domain name here. You can read more about custom domains here.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
Search engine optimization helps your online restaurant get discovered online. This is helpful for generating organic online traffic which can lead to more sales. You canconfigure your title and meta tags at If you are unsure about what SEO is, read more at