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Hardware Requirements

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To get the most from CloudWaitress, it is important that you have the correct in-store setup to receive and manage orders.

There are several different configurations available depending on your business requirements. You will need the following things:

  1. Stable internet connection (Required)
  2. Mobile device or computer (Required)
  3. Printer (Optional)
  4. Computer for printer (Optional / only if not already using a computer)

Stable Internet Connection

CloudWaitress requires that your devices are connected to the internet to receive orders. It is highly recommended that you have your own internet connection for your store so you have control over its reliability and security. We also recommend that you have either 3G or 4G mobile internet on standby in case your local line experiences service interruptions.

Mobile Device or Computer

To receive and manage orders we personally recommend a computer over a tablet or other mobile device. Computers have the best performance and greatest compatibility with our software but even tablets work perfectly.

The added advantage of using a computer as your primary device to receive and manage orders is that you won't need another for printing if you require that.

Recommended Computer

If you want to use a computer, we recommend using either an All-In-One PC or a stick PC. An All-In-One PC can be purchased for as little as $250 for a basic refurbished one. These PC's have everything built into the monitor and its an added bonus if has a touch screen. You can find examples of these here

Stick PC's are relatively new, they are a computer packed into a stick smaller than your hand. These can easily be plugged into any monitor via HDMI. Check out Intel's compute stick at These start around $150 but you will also need to purchase either a touch screen monitor or a regular monitor with a keyboard and mouse. The added advantage of this is the great portability.

Recommended Tablet

If you would rather use a tablet, we recommend an Android over an Apple because of its compatibility with web notifications which unfortunately mobile Apple devices do not support at the time of writing this. We do not have a specific Android device that we recommend due to the large range available. That said we've had good experiences using Asus & Google tablets. Any basic tablet will be sufficient.


Printing orders require you to use a separate application that can be installed on either a Windows or Mac PC. Any printers connected and installed on that computer will then be picked up by the application and made available on your restaurant management dashboard.

You can print orders using your tablet on the order management interface but the printer MUST be connected to a Windows or Mac PC with the printing software installed along with the printer drivers.

This computer MUST be connected to the internet. If you are using a computer to receive orders and manage orders, you can connect the printer to that. If you are using a tablet, you will need to get a computer for the printer.

The orders are printed in receipt format so it's best to use a thermal receipt printer due to the small paper size, fast printing speed and small printer size. Thermal printers start at $150 and go well beyond $1000 depending on the features you require.

Recommended Printer

We tested the printing on the standard "POS-8220" Chinese generic thermal printers without any issues arising. These printers start at $150 and are probably the cheapest available. They can easily be found on google or eBay but searching "POS-8220".

Recommended Computer For Printer

We highly recommend using an Intel compute stick which costs around $150. The beauty of this is you can plug it into a monitor, connect the printer, install the software/drivers and then unplug the monitor. The printer and PC can remain connected and sit in a corner not occupying much space while still remaining online. You can learn more about the compute stick at Bear in mind there are much more PC manufacturers making stick PC's like this.

Read more about how printing works and how to set it up at

Example Setups