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Dashboard Overview

Last Updated: 2 months ago


Your online dashboard is where you will receive and manage orders along with your restaurant. It is organized in a simple way for you to easily find your way around. Below is an overview of all the various menus available to you and roughly what they do.

Here you will see an overview of your orders over a period of time. You can also filter between different time ranges.

This is where you can find orders placed on your online store.

This page allows you to create and manage your restaurant locations, opening times and set whether they are open or closed.

Here you can create and update your menus, categories, dishes and dish customizations. You can also order all your items.

These are a comprehensive list of settings directly related to your online store and how it behaves. You will be able to configure most of your restaurant settings here initially.

These are optional extras settings you can configure related to your store and online interface.

Here you can view your account status, add a payment method, cancel your account and see your order fees.

View Store
This button takes you to your online ordering website. Saving changes in your dashboard will automatically update your store.

If you are confused about something, the support page can point you in the right direction or help you get in touch with us

Status Bar


The 3 icons on the top right of your dashboard are very helpful. Below is an explanation of what they mean in order from left to right.

Unseen Order Indicator
This is the number of unseen orders currently. This means orders that you need to attend to. This will automatically update every time a customer places an order.

Account Status
This is your current account status. An account in trial is yellow, green is active and red is cancelled.

Connection Indicator
This indicates your connection status with our server. If red, you will no longer be receiving orders in real-time.