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Promoting Your Store

Last Updated: 2 months ago

Once you have setup your restaurant, you are ready to start taking orders. Getting online orders requires you to drive customers to your website. This means promotion, the same as any other website, e-commerce store or online business.

Some element of that is integrated as part of our system but there is still much that is beyond our software. This single page does not do justice to the vast number of strategies available to you. The below suggestions are here to help you get started. Even after doing these, you should never stop trying to figure out how to market your online store better.

Promote In Store

Initially, your customers will not be aware of your new online ordering system. It's important that you let them know this exists. This can be done by handing out cards or flyers. You can also put up a small leaflet on your counter. You can inform customers who call in to make an order that they can now order online. This is really about getting creative and communicating the message to your customers.

Promote Through Social Media

Spread the word through your facebook page, twitter account or any other social channel which you connect with your customers. It is recommend that you post up a nice photo conveying this.

Setup A Good Relevant Domain

By default, your online store can be found on a sub-domain of " It is essential that you set this subdomain to be something that customers can easily remember and is in line with your business as this is the link by which customers will navigate to your store.

Additionally, we highly recommend you configure your store to your own custom domain name such as "". Having a domain customers can easily remember or bookmark means they can access your site easily. Please read the domains page for more information on how you can get a domain and set it up.

Ensure Your Have Good Search Engine Optimization

There are some basic and simple things you can do to ensure you that you rank high on search engines when so customers can find you online and order directly. If you are unsure what SEO is, we recommend you read this guide If you are already familiar, we recommend you follow a few basic strategies.

Local Page Title & Meta
Under the "settings > seo" page, you can edit your website title and meta tag. It is recommended that you set these to something extremely local. Say you own an Indian restaurant called the Red Turban in a suburb called Townsville in New York. Your title should be "Red Turban - Authentic Indian Townsville New York. Your meta should just expand on that more but make sure to hit on your keywords which are your locality and cuisine.

The reason for this is because locality will reduce the massive competition and noise of other websites on search engines and it is most likely what customers will be searching for in your local area.

Submit Your Website To Google, Bing etc
You should submit your link to search engines, for google and bing u can do so here. and

Create A Google Places & Link It To Your Site
Google places allows local customers to find you far easier as it enables search by location. This means you are more likely to rank high if the person searching for you is near your venue. You can also add your website URL to this listing so customers can easily find your site. Follow this link to create or manage your listing.

Paid Advertising

You can consider paying for facebook or google marketing. Both of these are avenues to generate new customers. How to do this is out of the scope of our documentation but there are plenty of good guides for that online.

Get Creative

When it comes to marketing the sky is the limit, which can also be a problem because it can be hard to figure out what to do or what works. To truly succeed, you must get creative and learn about the best ways to get in touch with your customers and share your message with them. To get you started, some other ideas include, e-mail marketing and free samples.

Need Images Or Posters?

Marketing your store requires you often have a few nice images to put up on social channels or posters to print out for in-store. If you are using CloudWaitress, contact us and we will happily create a few images and posters for you to use online and in-store. Alternatively, you can check out It is a simple online design tool that you can use to create posters or facebook post images and much more.