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Setting Up Your Menu

Last Updated: 2 months ago

Before you accept orders online, you need to setup your restaurant menu. This may take some time depending on the size of your menu but it is extremely easy. There are several different parts to your menu. They are

  • Menus - your different menus for different times, days or order types
  • Dishes - items that can be purchased, anything on your menu
  • Categories - help to organise your restaurant menu and allow customers to filter your store
  • Option Sets - enable dishes to be customized

You can create, edit and delete these items under the "menus" tab on the left sidebar.

A menu is structured in the following way.


That is to say a menu can have categories and each category can have dishes. Option sets such as sauces can be created a linked to various dishes across menus and categories.

For example, you can create a drinks menu. Then create your drink categories such as wines, sodas etc. You then add your drinks to it. You might also create a drink sizes option set that contains the options small and large (+$2) and then add those to your drinks.

Dish Customization

If your dishes have customization options such as sizes, sauces, meats, you need to create option sets for them. Option sets work very simply, for example, if you are selling burgers, you might have several different types of buns. Bread type would therefore be one of your options sets. White bread, wholemeal bread and sourdough bread are options for that set. You can charge an extra amount for certain options. You can also make an option set required, that means a customer must select at least one. You can also choose between single select, multi-select and other settings.

How To Get Started

Do you just have one menu for all times, is there a breakfast and lunch menu or is there a pickup or delivery menu?

If you have just one menu
You can generally get started by setting up your restaurant categories on the categories page. Click the create tab and simply add them in. Once you are done adding your categories, head to dishes page and add in your dishes. You can then go ahead and create your menu under the menu tab. Check all the categories you want to include and create the menu. Once you have done this, you can visit your store page to view your menu.

If you have multiple menus
The process is mostly similar to above except you will need to create each of your different restaurant menus. You can add time or order type constraints on a menu to prevent incorrect orders.

Create Your Option Sets
If you have dish customizations, now is a good time to create them and add them to your respective dishes. You can then edit any dishes that have slightly modified option sets to change them appropriately

When creating an option set, you can choose from a list of dishes you have created to add the option set to. Creating and deleting options will automatically update all the dishes that contain your option set.

You can also add option sets directly to a dish either when creating or editing a dish. If you modify the option set here by removing an option or changing the price of an option, it will no longer be linked to the original option set you created. It will only exist in that particular dish and modifying the parent option set will not modify it.

Order Your Menu Items
Finally, you can arrange your menu categories and dishes in your chosen order. This can be done from the "menus > order" page. Here you can drag and drop to re-arrange your dishes and categories. Once you are done hit the save button to save your order.

Common Menu Problems

No menu or categories showing under store
For your menu to display in your online store properly, make sure to add at least one category to it. Likewise for your categories to display properly, make sure you have at least 1 dish in that category.

Option set is no longer active under dishes previously added in
This means that you have edited the option set in the dish and changed it in some way.

Images Not Showing
Make sure you have the grid view set under the design settings page.

Large Dish Images
We use progressive image loading to ensure a smooth user experience. To do this we must create a secondary low resolution image of the inital one you upload. If you upload high quality images, this means your store will take a long time to fully load espeically if you have 100+ images. Given that the maximum image width is only 500px, it's best to make sure all your images are no wider than that. Ensure you also use an image optimizer such as before uploading your images.