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Trial, Subscription & Billing

Last Updated: a month ago

We are trying to minimize the cost of online ordering software for restaurants. To keep things simple, we have a pay per use pricing model. That mean's you only pay per order that is placed on our system. You can see for details on the exact cost per order.

Your account billing page can be found at

Trial Period

When you first create your account, you create an unlimited amount of orders for free for 30 days. You will need to add a payment method before your trial expires in order to continue viewing your orders. If your trial expires and you have not added a payment method, your account will be cancelled. See below for what happens to cancelled accounts.

You can view how much longer your trial is available for on your billing page.


To subscribe add a credit card to your account from the billing page. Once done, your account will be activated. If this is done during your trial period, your account will remain in trial and you will not be charged for any orders. After your trial period expires, your account will be activated which is 30 days from when your account was created.

Billing Cycle

You will be billed on the same day that your account was activated on every month. When it comes time to bill you, we will calculate your orders for that billing cycle and charge your card. Note that we will only charge you if your account has at least $5 due.

Failed Payments

If your payment fails, we will inform you and attempt to charge your card again in 24 hours. If it fails again, we will retry in 3 days and 3 days after if that fails. If the 3rd payment retry fails within 7 days of your initial failed payment, your account will be cancelled.

Cancelled Accounts

If you account has been cancelled, your store will still remain online but you will no longer be able to view your orders. You can contact us if you would like us to take your store down.

Cancelling Your Subscription

To cancel your subscription, simply press the cancel subscription button on your billing page in the restaurant dashboard.

Re-Activating Account

If your account is cancelled, add a payment method in the billing page to re-activate it.

Payment Methods

We currently only accept the following credit cards, Visa, MasterCard, and American Express.


Refunds will only be provided if our platform fails to meet its stated role when being used. Our free 30 day trialling period should be sufficient for you to evaluate our platform and make a decision on whether it is right for your business.