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A location in CloudWaitress refers to a store location. All your basic restaurant settings and menus apply to all of the locations you create. You can create and edit locations under the "Locations" menu in the admin dashboard


How Locations Work

Single Location Store
When customers order online, they will not be prompted to select a location. Delivery orders will also be validated against that single location.

Multi Location Restaurant
When a customer orders online, if they select pickup, they will get to choose their store of choice. If they choose delivery, we will calculate which store is the closest to them and route the order to that location.

Open & Close Location Status
Every location can be opened and closed. An open location allows orders to be placed for the order time "Now". If the store is closed, orders can only be placed at a later time within your opening hours. If your restaurant is set to closed during one of your opening hours, then we will assume it's closed and will not allow customers to place orders for that time slot. The feature is here to ensure customers don't place orders when the store is not operational. You can also open or close a location using the actions menu (3 dots) on the side of a location row.

You can automatically open and close according to your opening hours by toggling the "Auto Open and Close" option under a locations settings.

If you have different pickup and delivery opening hours, enabling the option under a locations settings will allow you to define separate opening hours.

Location Settings


The address of your store location. Our system uses google maps to verify addresses, calculate distances and driving times.

Your store contact number, shown to the customer and used purely for display purposes

Map Zoom Level
This will modify how zoomed in your google maps embed will be on your online store page for this location. Set this to a level where customers can easily identify where your store location is relative to everything else.

Opening Hours

Opening times are very important. They are shown on your store page alongside other location information. These are also used to determine when customers can place orders at a later time. As such it is very important that your opening times are correct. I.e. no overlapping or invalid times.

Opening times are highly customizable and each day can have multiple opening and closing time segments.

Auto Open and Close
To save you the trouble of manually opening and closing your store, you can toggle this option to make this automated. If you are open or closed at an unexpected time, manually disable this option and open or close your location as needed.

Different Pickup & Delivery Times
Allows you to enter sperate operating hours for pickups and deliveries.


In CloudWaitress, printing works on a per-location basis. That means each location has its own unique printer configuration. To learn about how to set up printing, read the printing support article.

Enable Printing
Enables or disables the printing system for that location

Print API Key
This API key is used with the PushPrinter software to identify your store location and printer. Its only available after creating a location and can be viewed when editing it.

Enable Automatic Printing
Toggling option means print jobs will be sent to your printer automatically when new orders are placed. This is very used when used in-store as an order notification for kitchen staff.

Auto Print Only If Location Open
Toggle this option to prevent print jobs being sent to the printer when the store location is closed (generally when the printer will be offline).

Printer Settings
You can control the generated order receipts paper width, margin, excess height and font size. All measurements are in millimeters. Set these values based on your printer. Default values suit standard thermal printers. Some trial and error might be necessary here to get the ideal settings.