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Order Statuses

Last Updated: 4 months ago

Order statuses are used to help you and customers manage and track your orders. There are currently 6 different order statuses

Cancelled - orders which have been cancelled and will not be fulfilled

Un-Confirmed - orders that have just been placed

Confirmed - indicates that the order will be fulfilled

Ready - the order is ready for collection or delivery

On Route - if delivery, this indicates the order is on its way

Complete - indicates that the order is complete including payment

You can see an orders status by its row color or pop-up header color. The color of the order will link to one of the corresponding statuses above.


How Statuses Work?

Statuses work in real-time on both your orders dashboard and on a customers order receipt. You can update statuses by press the 3 dots on the right of an order row or from within the order detail popup. The On-Route status is disabled for orders which are not deliveries. It is important to note that statuses work in a chain. I.e. unconfirmed orders can only be set to confirmed. Confirmed orders can only be set to ready. Orders can be cancelled at any time.

Automated Statuses

To help you manage your order statuses, you can enable automated statuses under the "store > status" menu link. This enables you to automatically change the status of orders based on how much time has passed from the point they were placed or their previous status. This feature only works for orders placed for 'Now', not 'Later'. Once you enable the setting, you will see 4 available options. Using them is simple. For example 'Time till Confirm' allows you to move an order from un-confirmed to confirmed. If set to 0, orders placed will automatically be set to confirmed. If set to 5, orders will be automatically updated to confirmed in 5 minutes unless manually updated to confirmed or above. Cancelled orders will not be affected at all.

These settings are extremely useful if you have setup your online store properly and you are aware of your business timings. For example if you know 99% of orders will be accepted and made within 20 minutes. You should set your 'Time till Confirm' to 0 and 'Time till ready' to 20. This way orders are updated automatically and can be manually changed if something changes