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Last Updated: 2 months ago

CloudWaitress supports automated and manual printing of order receipts through our web interface. You are able to print to any printer that is installed and configured to either a Windows (XP, Vista 7, 8, 10 / 32-bit or 64-bit) or Mac computer (Yosemite, Mavericks, Mountain Lion).

How Printing Works In CloudWaitress

In order to provide the most flexible printing solution, we have integrated the printing service

When you activate printing under your CloudWaitress account, we will create a Printnode account on your behalf. You can then download and install the Printnode application for either Windows or Mac. Once installed, you can log in with the details provided under your print settings.

This application automatically detect any printers connected and configured with your computer. It also provides a way for us to communicate with the printers attached to your computer.

NOTE: Your computer must be turned on and connected to both the internet and printer

Printer Per Location

Printing works on a per location basis. That means each restaurant location you create can use a different printer. Once the application has been installed and your printers have been detected, you can assign a printer to a location. Orders will only be printed to the printer that is set for that particular location.

Manual Printing

You can manually print an order either from the order action button on the right side of each row or under the order detail popup.

Automatic Printing

If the automatic printing feature is enabled and a printer is set for a particular location, all orders for that particular location will be printed automatically

Printing FAQ

What is the cost of printing?
There is a flat $5 USD monthly fee that is added to every monthly invoice while printing is enabled. You have access to unlimited prints and printers.

Is there a limit to how many computers I can install the print application on?
You can install the print application on any number of computers and log in with the one account that we provide you. There is no limit on the number of printers or computers you can have attached to your account.

Cancelling your print account
You can cancel your print account at any time through the print settings page. You will still be billed $5 on your next invoice after which the printing add-on charge will stop.

How long does it take to print?
An initial print can take up to 45 seconds but after a proper connection has been established to your printer, this is reduced to 5-10 seconds.

Supported Printers

The print application works off the drivers you installed on your computer for your printer. This means that it should work for any printer that you can use via your computer. Currently, there is an official list of printers that have been reported working and can be found at

Printnode can even work with your in built PDF print drivers to save order receipts to your computer as a PDF.

Setting Up Printing

1. Setup Your Printer
Install the drivers for your printer on your computer. Make sure that your printer is detected by your system and configured properly. For Windows 10 you can check this under "control panel > devices > printers" Make sure your printers settings are configured correctly.

2. Activate Printing
Log in to your CloudWaitress account and head to the "settings > printing" page. You will need to have an active credit card before you can activate printing as the printing fee will be added to your upcoming monthly charge.

Select "Create Print Account" to enable printing.

3. Download Print Application
You will find the download links for both Windows and Mac under your print settings. Here you will also find your account login email and password. Install the application on your computer. You can then open the application and log in. Once logged in, you can check to see that your printers are detected by the software.

4. Check Printer Status Online
Head back to your print settings page under the CloudWaitress dashboard. If you refresh the printer list, you should now see your printers along with their status, name and computer name.

5. Set A Printer For Your Locations
If you go to your "locations" page and edit your store location, you will now see your printers list under the settings. Select a printer to make it the default for that location. You can also enable automatic printing for that location here.

6. Print Orders
If automatic printing is set, orders will be automatically printed from that locations printer. Otherwise, you can manually print orders under your order detail popup for each order or use the row action button on the order table.