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Last Updated: 2 months ago

CloudWaitress supports automated and manual printing of order receipts through our web interface. You are able to print to any printer that is installed and configured to a Windows PC (7, 8, 10 / 32-bit or 64-bit)

This article is made up of 5 parts:

  1. How Printing Works In CloudWaitress
  2. Printing FAQ
  3. Supported Printers
  4. Setup Instructions
  5. Troubleshooting

How Printing Works In CloudWaitress?

Printing in CloudWaitress is done through an external software known as PushPrinter. This software allows you to connect to our servers in order to pass print jobs to your locally connected printer.

For PushPrinter to work, you will need one of 2 things. First is a stable internet connection. Second, you need to ensure that your printer is compatible with your PC and has the relevant drivers for it.

Printing Per Location

Printing works on a per-location basis. That means each restaurant location can have its own unique printer which orders will be sent to.

Manual Printing

You can manually print an order either from the order action button on the right side of each row or under the order detail pop-up.



Automatic Printing

Automatic printing allows orders to be printed out automatically when a customer places an order through your online store. If the system initiates an automated print and for whatever reason PushPrinter is unable to confirm it received the print job, the system will try again several times over the next few minutes. You can also setup automated print failure notification email's to alert you to any print jobs that failed to occur.

To prevent the system from attempting automated print jobs while your store is closed and the printer is disconnected, you can set the "Auto Print Only When Store Open" option under your printer settings when editing a location.

Printing FAQ

What is the cost of printing?
PushPrinter is free for personal use or has a once off cost of $10 for commercial use. You can however get the commercial license for FREE by using the promo code "IMUSTLOVEYOU" when you checkout.

Is there a limit to how many computers I can install the print application on?
You can install the print application on any number of computers.

Is there a limit to how many times I can print?
There is no limit to the number of print jobs you can process.

How long does it take to print?
Manually print jobs complete within 5-10 seconds. Auto-printing on average takes about 5-20 seconds. If there are lots of print jobs occurring at the same time, that might increase to between 20-60 seconds at max.

Supported Printers

The print application works off the drivers you installed on your computer for your printer. This means that it should work for any printer that you can use via your computer.

You can even use PushPrinter with PDF print drivers that allow you to save orders as PDF's to your computer automatically.

Setting Up Printing

1. Setup Your Printer

Install the drivers for your printer on your computer. Make sure that your printer is detected by your system and configured properly. For Windows 10 you can check this under "control panel > devices > printers" or by searching "Printers" under Windows search to find the printing menu directly. If you can see your printer there, then the driver has been successfully installed. Take note of the exact printer name as displayed as you will need it later.

2. Configure Your Print Settings

Log in to your CloudWaitress account. Go to the "Locations" page and select your store location to edit. Scroll down to the print settings section. Here you can control all your printing settings for this particular location.

Below is an explanation of all the print settings available.

Enable Printing - Toggle this option to activate printing for this location. Doing this will activate the printing option under your orders

Print API Key - This is your unique "password" that identifies your printer to our server. Take note of this as you will need to put this into PushPrinter later when setting it up.

Enable Automatic Printing - Toggling this means the system will attempt to automatically print new orders placed at your store

Auto Print Only When Open - If auto-printing is enabled, enabling this option ensures that the system won't attempt automated print jobs while your store is closed. Useful if your printer is not always online to prevent failed print jobs.

Printer Settings - Used to configure how the final print looks

  • Paper Width - The width of your printing paper (millimeters)
  • Paper Margin - The margin or border around your paper (millimeters)
  • Height Modifier - Specifics any extra space to put at the bottom of the print job as padding in the event that printouts are being cut off. (millimeters)
  • Font Size - Determines the size of fonts on your printout (pixels)

To start, all you need to do is simply toggle the enable printing option. It's recommended that you also input your printer paper width to ensure that receipts are generated correctly for your printer.

3. Download & Install PushPrinter + Extras

a. Get a License Key
Start by visiting Scroll down and select the commercial license button under the license key section. Select your quantity and proceed to payment. Here you can enter the promo code "IMUSTLOVEYOU" to skip the payment and receive the key for free. Your key will be shown to your after this and e-mailed to you as well. Please take note of it for later.

b. Download PushPrinter
Below the license key section is the download section. Press the download button to download PushPrinter.

c. Download Sumatra PDF or Foxit Reader
PushPrinter requires a PDF reader to interface with in order to print. Currently, both Foxit Reader and Sumatra PDF are supported. We highly recommend you use the portable version of Sumatra PDF as it's a single .exe file. You can find that at their site here

The rest of this tutorial will assume Sumatra PDF is being used but Foxit Reader works the same.

After downloading the file from the Sumatra web site, unzip the file and you will find the .exe for the Sumatra PDF reader inside. Place this in a safe location where it won't be moved.

4. Configure PushPrinter

a. Install PushPrinter
Find the folder where you downloaded PushPrinter and run the .exe installer file. Once installed, PushPrinter should automatically open. If not, start it using the desktop icon.

b. Activate PushPrinter
When the software first opens, you will be asked for your license key. Enter the license key you received before making sure to select the correct type and press the verify button.

c. Configure Windows Settings
Select the "Windows Settings" tab under the "General" section.


Here you will need to select Sumatra PDF and then select the input below asking you for your .exe file location. This will open the file selection dialog where you can find and select the Sumatra PDF .exe file you downloaded earlier.

Take note there are some additional print settings here that may need to be adjusted in order for it to printer correctly.

d. Configure Server Settings
Select the "Server Settings" tab under the "General" section.


For the API key, enter your "Print API Key" which you would have seen previously under your location print settings.

For the Socket Server URL, enter the name of our CloudWaitress server, "wss://".

Finally, you need to enter the name of your printer that you have installed on your computer into the Output Printer field. You can find this name under your Windows print settings by searching "Printers" under Windows search.

5. Test & Calibrate

Now start the PushPrinter service by clicking the start button at the bottom. If your API key and Socket Server URL are correct, the software will connect successfully and let you know.

Now you can go back to your order management interface and print an order from there to test it out. If you have auto printing enabled, place an order at your store to test.

If things aren't working as expected, read the troubleshooting section below or contact us for assistance.


Not able to connect to server
Ensure that your API key from your location printer settings is correct and that the socket server URL is "wss://" in PushPrinter.

Not printing correctly
There are several different things to try here to ensure orders are printed correctly.

Ensure that your paper width settings are correct under the printer settings for your location. If you find things are getting cut out, try to set the paper margin to 0 or 1. Reducing the font size to between 8-10 generally helps as well.

Try all the print "Print Page Scaling" options under PushPrinter in the "Windows Setup" section. Generally "No Scale" seems to work best but even the other options might work.

Open up your printer settings under your Windows control panel. Ensure that the paper size is correctly set on your printer. If possible, change the paper size to be one with the lowest possible height.

Finally, you can open up Sumatra PDF or Foxit reader. Load up a PDF file and manually try print it out. Here you can change your printer settings to check what works.

If all else fails, you can contact us and we will remote connect to your PC and attempt to fix it.

Printing not working even though everything is set up correctly
Please ensure that Windows detects your printer. Sometimes your printer might be on but still not correctly connected. If so turn it off and on again while plugged into your PC. You can check your Windows printers menu to see if it is online.

Printer not being detected in Windows
You need to find the correct driver for your printer provided its available for Windows. Try googling your printer name followed by the words "windows {insert your windows version} driver"