The Best Abacus alternative

Try the globally popular online ordering system thats the best Abacus alternative.

  • DIY or done for you
  • Global but local

Best Abacus alternative
available on the market.

With Cloudwaitress' superior features and numerous integrations, the comparison is clear. Check out how your restaurant business can thrive with Cloudwaitress.


All-in-One Dashboard

Easily manage all aspects of your restaurant online through the dashboard. Create staff accounts with custom access.


iOS & Android Apps

Bring your brand to even more users with a custom-branded app. Plus it's priced at a flat fee for affordability.


Customised for Your Audience

Dates, times, currencies, and languages can all be customised to fit your region. Great for any local niche.

Why Cloudwaitress is the
best Abacus alternative

At Cloudwaitress we've got years of experience in the online ordering space, so we're prepared to offer a highly-customisable solution as the best Abacus alternative. We don't believe in one-size-fits-all. With us your business can operate at its best with a website and app tailored to your specifications. Plus use as many or few add-ons and integrations as you need to remain competitive in your local market compared with Abacus online ordering.

Want us to build your online menu for you?

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Ordering right from the table

Customers order in their own time with QR ordering. Plus spread the word about your amazing menu.

  • Order matched with table automatically.
  • Customers don't need to wait for staff to take orders.
  • Compatible with Google Pay and Apple Pay.
  • Integrates with POS table map.

50+ integrations
features added weekly!

Melbourne restaurants love

“Boom. It's so much easier, when you're busy, and it gets all delivery done.”

"This system has helped me grow my sales and customer loyalty significantly."

Cloudwaitress FAQs

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Why is Cloudwaitress the best Abacus alternative?

Cloudwaitress beats Abacus online ordering in terms of quality, flexibility, and price. With Abacus you have to pay a fee for every device in your restaurant, which can get expensive really fast. Cloudwaitress takes a more affordable approach. You pay a lower fee plus the fee covers unlimited devices.

How do free Cloudwaitress accounts work?

Free Cloudwaitress accounts function exactly the same as standard accounts. The only difference is you are limited to a total of 100 orders and bookings combined every month. If this is enough for you, then you can solve your online ordering needs at no cost!

Is it easy to switch from Abacus to Cloudwaitress?

Yes! Cloudwaitress offers several options if you're looking to switch to a better, more affordable restaurant online ordering system. We offer done-for-you solutions so you don't have to put in time to get a great result. Or if you want to be involved in the creation of your new digital presence powered by Cloudwaitress, you can go the DIY route.