Create Your Online Restaurant

Get started by registering for an account online. Complete the guided restaurant setup to create your online store.

You can then customize additional settings such as delivery conditions, store design and much more. Create and manage up to 10 restaurant locations. Design and upload your menus and dishes with our extensive multi-menu system and dish customization options.

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Start Accepting Orders Online

Using the website we generate for your restaurant, you can start accepting online orders from mobile and desktop users.

If you have multiple locations, customers can select from your store locations or place a delivery order routed to the nearest store. Easily accept payments online which are only processed when an order in confirmed.

Receive & Manage Orders Online

Use any modern device such as a tablet or laptop with internet access to receive orders online.

Online orders will be added to your interface in real-time as they are placed. Update and manage the status of orders in real-time. Set the time till ready to let your customers know when their food is expected.

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Integrate With Your Website

Do you have an existing website? Add an "Order Online" link from yours to the one we generate for you. Alternatively you can use the one we generate as your main website.

Print Orders Automatically

You can easily connect any printer attached to a computer to CloudWaitress. Orders receipts can then be printed to that printer automatically or manually. Learn more about printing here

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A Powerful Online Ordering System

Accept pickups, deliveries and orders for now or later. Setup delivery rules, fee's and route orders to the nearest store location.

All the images and colors can be customized to suit your style. There is also support for multiple layouts either with or without dish images.

Your online ordering system can also act as your own business website as it contains all your information and even a built-in contact form. It's SEO friendly and it can even be setup on your own domain name for no extra cost.

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Real-Time Order Receipts

Update your customers in real-time through our live order receipt. Every order gets it's own unique URL that customers can bookmark to save. Here your customers can view live updates to their order status and when their order will be ready.

Customers using devices compatible with web notifications can choose to receive standard in-device notifications when their order is updated.

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Intuitive Restaurant & Order Management

Update and manage your online store through our easy to use web dashboard. You can receive orders in real-time and manage them online with our inbox like system. Everything is clearly explained with detailed instructions.

Through the dashboard you can setup elaborate menus and configure all your store settings. All this can be accessed from nearly any device with internet connection.

Best of all, there are always a steady stream of updates to improve the system.

Why Our Online Ordering System

Low Cost

From just $0.10 per order. Don’t lose a % of your sale just for processing an order online. No contracts, setup fees or other on-going costs View pricing


Easily setup and manage your restaurant online with our guided setup. Customize nearly every color and image in your online store. Every feature is explained easily

Accessible & Real-Time

Access you online store and dashboard from any modern device with internet connection and manage your orders in real-time


Have questions or need a hand? We are here to help. Get in touch with via live chat, phone or email. Alternatively use our helpful documentation

Regular Updates

We have lots of new features planned and being developed. You won’t outgrow our online ordering system

Feature Requests

Looking for something specific or not finding what you want? Get in touch with us and we can discuss your requirements

Build Customer Loyalty & Satisfaction

Online ordering helps customers beat lines, ensures orders are always correct, and gives them the convenience to order at anytime

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Boost Restaurant Efficiency

There is no limit to the number of orders you can accept online at any given time. With our system you can boost your operational efficiency significantly and reduce current staff work load

Grow Your Sales

Greater customer loyalty means repeat customers. This combined with the efficiency gains and customer insight means you will see your business grow using our online ordering system

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Learn Who Your Customers Are

All your customer information is your information. Names, e-mails, numbers, orders and more. Use this information to empower strategic decisions for your restaurant