Cloudwaitress Features

With Cloudwaitress you get the best of the best. Pick out what features work for you and leave the ones that don’t.

  • API Access

    Hook into the system with our easy to use REST API in JSON format. Automate tasks or write your own custom integrations

  • Windows & Android Receipt Printing

    Connect your printer to any Windows Android or Linux device. Connect also almost any thermal receipt printer to our PushPrinter software and link it up to your account

  • Stripe

    Capture online payments from a variety of credit cards directly to your Stripe account

  • PayPal

    Connect your PayPal account to easily accepts online payments and credit cards

  • CardConnect

    Collect credit card payments via CardConnect which is available in US and Canada

  • POLi Pay

    Collect payments via bank transfer using POLi Pay in Australia and New Zealand

  • Bambora APAC

    Collect credit card payments using Bambora APAC available in Australia and New Zealand

  • PayGate

    Collect credit card payments using PayGate PayWeb around the world

  • iPay88

    Collect credit card payments using iPay88 which is popular around South East Asia

  • Facebook Accounts

    Allow customers to log in using their Facebook account

  • Google Accounts

    Allow customers to log in using their Google Account

  • Facebook Pixel

    Track all pixel events in your online store to help measure your marketing ROI with Facebook advertising

  • Open Street Maps

    Open street maps is used for map embeds and can be chosen as your maps data provider for delivery data

  • Google Maps

    Google maps can be used to acquire delivery data such as driving distance and driving time

  • Tookan Delivery Management

    Automatically create delivery requests in your Tookan account for new delivery orders

  • Google Analytics

    Capture data on all your website visitors with our Google Analytics integration

  • Bancontact

    With our integration with Bancontact, restaurant and cafe owners in Belgium can now accept mobile and desktop payments effortlessly within their online ordering flow.

  • SMS Messaging

    Customisable SMS notifications and marketing for the hospitality industry. Do it yourself with webhooks, or our team can setup for you. SMS messaging boosts customer satisfaction and online reputation. Transparent pricing, prompt customer support, and ongoing maintenance plans ensure a seamless experience.