A white label
online ordering system

Create the next FoodPanda or UberEats, or provide a rock-solid standalone system for your clients.

  • Fully managed
  • High priority support

Your white-labelled interface

Where you and your clients can create and manage their online stores, orders, bookings, and settings.

Get started

Build your own

Build your business by reselling a ready-made
business solution to restaurant owners.

Simple pricing structure

An upfront deposit and a low flat fee per store every month. All features are included at no additional cost.

Automate your billing

Integrated with Chargebee to automate your entire client billing lifecycle.

An unbelievable account system

On-board and manage small businesses to large scale franchises. Our account system helps you handle anything.

Reseller Features

  • Standalone Resellers

    Perfect for web developers or consultants looking to deliver an online ordering solution for their clients

  • Marketplace Resellers

    Start your own online ordering platform like FoodPanda with consistent branding and design across all your restaurants

  • Fully White-labelled

    We provide a white-labelled admin dashboard at your own domain. All your online stores can also be hosted under your domain

  • Hosting Included

    Don't worry about providing reliable servers. We host everything for you through Google Cloud Platform

  • SSL Security

    Security is paramount, we provide free SSL certificates for both your main domain and custom client domain names

  • API Access

    Pull all your restaurant data using our API to create your own site like FoodPanda. We can also build a custom one just for you

  • Automated Billing Integration

    Automatically manage billing and invoicing your clients with our Chargebee integration. Collect credit card details securely

  • Master Account

    Easily manage all your stores with your reseller master account. Log into any client account to make changes as needed

  • Custom E-Mail Notifications

    All system related e-mails are white-labelled and will be sent directly from your own custom e-mail address instead of ours

  • Set Your Own Prices

    We don't get in the way of your pricing. Charge your customers how you like and only pay our single monthly invoice

  • Preset Design & Details

    Delivery consistent branding and user experience across all your restaurants with a streamlined design for all

  • First Class Support

    Resellers get high priority support as they manage lots of different stores.

Cloudwaitress FAQs

Have a different question? Contact us today.

How does Cloudwaitress work?

Everything runs online and is accessible through the web. Once you register online, you can setup your website and menus. After that, simply let your customers know about your website and start taking orders. Orders can be managed online and with the help of automated receipt printing.

How do I receive orders?

You will need a device with internet access such as a tablet or PC. Through your web browser, you can access our online admin interface and manage your orders. We do recommend a Windows tablet or PC as that gives you the ability to print receipts from it.

How do free accounts work?

Free accounts function exactly the same as standard accounts. The only difference is you are limited to a total of 100 orders and bookings combined every month.

What countries can Cloudwaitress be used in?

CloudWaitress can be used anywhere in the world. Our system is built to support different currencies and regions. If your region is not supported, let us know and we can add it for you. Online payments are only available in countries supported by the payment gateways we have integrated currently.