The Best ChowNow Alternative Is CloudWaitress

Here are 10 reasons why you should use CloudWaitress instead of ChowNow

  • Easy self setup
  • No credit-card required


Dedicated Ordering Website, Not Widget

By default, ChowNow provides you with an ordering widget that can be embedded into your web page. If you do not have a website, you either require one or they might provide you with a blank website. CloudWaitress solves this by giving you a dedicated online ordering website instead of an ordering widget. This means:

  • Doesn't require an existing website

  • If you do have a website, just link to the ordering site, no complex integration needed

  • Adapts to all screen sizes to make use of all the space available

  • Contact form integrated for customers to contact you


Superior Branding & Design

Instead of ChowNow's widget, a dedicated online ordering website allows you to have more control over your design and branding. With our website, you can customize your images, colors and layout to match your style.

  • Fully customizable color scheme

  • Built-in design editor to easily customize your look

  • Stock images available for a variety of cuisines

  • Images are automatically optimized for fast page loads

  • Built-in image editor for your convenience


Advanced Customer Accounts

Our advanced customer accounts system allows you to easily track and manage your customers across a variety of authentication methods.

  • E-mail, Facebook & Google accounts

  • Guest customer tracking using their details

  • View and manage all your customers in the customer dashboard

  • Export all your customer data in CSV format


Bring Your Own Payment Providers

ChowNow provides you with their payment solution. CloudWaitress allows you to use your own merchant account across a number of payment providers.

  • Your merchant account, so money goes direct to you

  • Use multiple payment providers at once

  • Stripe, PayPal, POLi Pay, Ipay88, Payweb Paygate, Bambora APAC

  • More payment integrations to come


Fantastic Menu Builder

CloudWaitress provides a far more streamlined and customizable menu builder than ChowNow

  • Create multiple menus with various restrictions

  • Create unlimited, menus, categories and dishes on each menu

  • In-depth dish customization with many rules

  • Combo dish creator to combine multiple dishes to build meal deals

  • Create highly customizable dish tags with unique colors and icons

  • Simple dish ingredients system

  • Easy to use image editor for dish images

  • Automatic image optimization for faster load times


Streamline Order Management On Any Device

Our unique board view allows you to easily manage orders in real-time with ease on any device. ChowNow provides only a list view and mobile app for order management

  • Unique board layout for improved order management

  • List view available to search past orders

  • Real-time interface to automatically load new orders

  • Detailed order statuses to help manage orders and keep customers updated on their order

  • Automatically accept orders and configure automated status updates

  • Accurately calculate wait times for every order type

  • Set customized order timings and settings for every type of order


In-Depth System Settings

Our focus is on the details. CloudWaitress allows you to customize nearly every detail of the system. View features

  • E-mail notifications to 3 e-mail addresses

  • Customizable printed and PDF receipts

  • Customizable audio notifications with various sounds

  • Manage all your business rules, fees, promos and locations easily


Extensive Support Documentation

Our number one focus is on customer support. We want to make sure you have the trust and confidence in us. Our online documentation contains a ton of resources to help you.

  • Online support documentation accessible from all devices

  • Easy to follow getting started and how to tutorials

  • Live chat available from all week

  • 24 hour reply time for all low priority issues

  • 2 hour reply time for high priority issues


Streamlined Billing Management

Simple and clean billing across all your store locations

  • Separate billing for every store location

  • Modify subscription plans with pro-rated billing

  • Access all your invoices at any time


Save Massively & Get More

Save on huge monthly and setup fees with ChowNow. CloudWaitress is priced to be accessible by everyone with a single all-inclusive price. View our pricing plans for additional info.

  • $39 per month, all features included, no contracts

  • A free plan inclusive of all features and 100 orders monthly

1,200+ integrations
features added weekly!

Restaurants love

"Boom. It's so much easier, when you're busy, and it gets all delivery done."

"This system has helped me grow my sales and customer loyalty significantly."