Order Statuses

Track the fulfilment of orders with built-in order statuses. Customers are notified in real-time whenever you update an order

Where features
meet functionality

Packed with features to help you start, manage and grow your online ordering sales.

Bump Screen

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Effortless Order Management with Our Bump Screen Technology

Accept Orders Anytime

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Customers can place orders which are due immediately or for a later time within your designated opening hours. Set multiple opening and closing times per day

Automated Statuses

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Automatically update order statuses based on the amount of time that has passed since the order was placed. Useful if you have a large volume of orders

Automated Wait Times

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Accurately determine order wait times for every order type to improve your customer experience

Conditional Fees

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Configure custom fees based on certain order conditions. Fees can have both a fixed and percent based value. E.g. credit card fee, $0.30 + 2.8%

Audio, Email & Device Notifications

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Receive notifications whenever an order is placed. Notifications can be sent to 3 e-mails. Audio can be customized by duration and noise. Devices supporting notifications will receive one

Kitchen Display System

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Transform Your Kitchen's Productivity with Our Kitchen Display System