Online Ordering System Built For Restaurants

CloudWaitress is a proven and reliable online ordering system that allows you to accept and manage takeaways, deliveries, dine-in's and reservations all through one streamlined software


Trusted by 1000's of restaurants around the world


One System, Every Order Type

CloudWaitress is one of the only systems in the world where you can accept every type of order in one easy interface


Customers can order for immediate collection or choose a later date and time. Set custom pickup hours and automate your order wait times. Ensure orders are placed only within your set hours.


Orders for delivery within a certain radius or delivery zones. Easily charge a flat fee or fee for different delivery ranges. Customize a minimum order amount and maximum driving time. Built-in address validation and auto-completion


Easily accept table-side orders while customers are seated. Customers can scan the QR code or tap the NFC tag to automatically start the ordering website pre-configured to their table. Receive the table number with the order to serve food to the customer.

Table Reservation

Collect table bookings with a set maximum number of people. Accept and manage bookings online while keeping customers in the loop with e-mail notifications and their real-time booking receipt.

Online Order Receipt

Real-time Receipt

Keep customers in the loop with real-time updates on their order status and estimated wait time

Estimated Wait Times

Provide your customers accurate wait times for all order types based on easy to configure settings

Order Statuses

Work with order statuses automatically to keep customers in the loop about the status of their order

Unique URL

Customers can easily bookmark and save their order URL for future access


Online Order Management

Real-time Order Management

Easily manage your online orders and bookings in real-time through our order management interface

Staff Accounts

Create restricted staff accounts to allow for easy order management without access to admin settings

Automate Order Statuses & Wait Times

Work with order statuses and wait times automatically to keep customers in the loop without manually needing to intervene

Order Notifications

Use a combination of system alerts, e-mails, customizable audio effects and automated order printing to stay notified on any new orders

See The Online Ordering Process

Provide a fantastic online ordering experience for your customers that keep them coming back. Easy for first-time customers to order as a guest

Regular customers can create an account to easily save their order details. It also allows for quick re-ordering of previous orders

Every You Need to Succeed Online

Packed with features to help you start, manage and grow your online ordering sales

Multi-Store Management

Multi-Store Management

Easily manage multiple store locations with their own separate websites all through one account

Automated Receipt Printing

Automated Receipt Printing

Print out fully customizable order receipts to any number of receipt printers connected to Windows or Linux

Fully Customizable Store

Fully Customizable Store

Create your own unique fully branded ordering website with all your colors and images

Business Site Generator

Business Site Generator

Generate your own business site with an about-us section, gallery, store locations and contact form

Custom Domain w/ Free SSL

Custom Domain w/ Free SSL

Connect all your sites to custom domain names of your choice with a free SSL certificate included

iOS & Android Ordering App

iOS & Android Ordering App

Get custom branded online ordering apps for both iOS & Android. Manage these apps through our admin interface

Setup your online ordering & reservation system

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