UberDirect Zero Cost Delivery: A New Era in Restaurant Delivery Services

Automatically create delivery requests in your Tookan account for new delivery orders

UberDirect Zero Cost Delivery: Transform Your Restaurant’s Delivery Service

Are you looking to reduce overheads and increase efficiency in your restaurant’s delivery service? Our UberDirect integration is the solution. Welcome to the next generation of restaurant delivery services. Our innovative online ordering system seamlessly integrates with the Uber Direct driver network, offering a cost-effective, commission-free delivery solution. Experience the power of a renowned delivery network without the extra costs.

How Our Zero Cost Delivery Works – Seamless UberDirect Integration

Our platform empowers restaurants to take control of their delivery process through these simple steps:
Receive Orders: Orders are placed directly via our online system.
Delivery by UberDirect: The Uber Direct driver network efficiently handles the delivery.

Zero Commission

Unlike other delivery services, we charge no commission from restaurants.

Fixed Delivery Fee

Customers pay a fixed delivery fee, providing transparent pricing. Depending on your settings, the delivery cost to your restaurant could be zero.

Tailored for Every Restaurant Owner

Whether you’re a cosy local cafe or a bustling diner, our solution is designed to scale according to your needs. Imagine a small-town pizzeria increasing its delivery radius without the hassle of a delivery fleet or an urban fine-dining restaurant enhancing its customer reach – all possible with our service.

Why Our Service Stands Out

No Commissions, More Profits: Increase your profit margins as we eliminate commission fees.
Leverage Uber’s Network: Utilize the extensive reach and reliability of the Uber Direct driver network.
Boost Customer Satisfaction: A professional delivery service means happier customers.

Success Stories and Testimonials

Read how ‘Maldini’s by the river‘ grew their takeaway business by adding Uber Direct delivery with CloudWaitress.

Transform Your Delivery Service Today

Opt for the most efficient and cost-effective delivery solution for your restaurant. Start saving now – create your free account, book a meeting, or contact us. Step into a world where your profits grow and your customers are always satisfied.

UberDirect is currently only available in the United States of America, Canada, Australia and New Zealand.

Frequently Asked Questions

See some of the common questions about our Uber Direct integration.

How is the pricing structured for restaurants?

Restaurants incur no delivery commission. Customers handle a fixed delivery fee, adjustable in your settings. What sets your service apart from traditional delivery options? Our unique model removes the typical commissions and surcharges imposed on restaurants.

How can I get started with this service?

Sign-up is easy. Please create a free account on our platform or contact us for more details.

Where features
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Packed with features to help you start, manage and grow your online ordering sales.

Windows & Android Receipt Printing

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Connect your printer to any Windows Android or Linux device. Connect also almost any thermal receipt printer to our PushPrinter software and link it up to your account

Open Street Maps

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Open street maps is used for map embeds and can be chosen as your maps data provider for delivery data

Google Maps

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Google maps can be used to acquire delivery data such as driving distance and driving time

Tookan Delivery Management

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Automatically create delivery requests in your Tookan account for new delivery orders

Google Analytics

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Capture data on all your website visitors with our Google Analytics integration

SMS Messaging

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Customisable SMS notifications and marketing for the hospitality industry. Do it yourself with webhooks, or our team can setup for you. SMS messaging boosts customer satisfaction and online reputation. Transparent pricing, prompt customer support, and ongoing maintenance plans ensure a seamless experience.