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The CloudWaitress Online Ordering System Enhanced by Google Analytics


Understanding your audience’s behaviour is paramount in the bustling realm of online food ordering. CloudWaitress introduces its robust online ordering system, supercharged with Google Analytics integration. Combined with our custom-branded ordering platform, it ensures a delightful food service and a data-driven digital experience.

Google Analyitcs for Online Ordering
Example of Google Analytics reports

Why is Google Analytics Essential for an Online Ordering System?

  • Data-Driven Decisions: Our platform, empowered by Google Analytics (or ‘GA’), delivers real-time insights into customer behaviour. This integration is pivotal for informed decision-making, positioning your restaurant or food business at the forefront.
  • Optimised Marketing Campaigns: With GA, track conversions and gauge the effectiveness of your promotional campaigns. Identify which strategies yield the most orders and fine-tune them for optimal ROI.
  • Profound Insights into Customer Behavior: GA provides a panoramic view of user interactions, from favourite menu items to time spent browsing your site.
  • Mobile Experience Analytics: With a surge in mobile orders, Google Analytics offers invaluable insights into mobile user behaviour, ensuring a seamless mobile ordering journey.
  • Customisable Reports: GA allows you to mould reports to your business’s unique needs, be it tracking specific events or discerning peak ordering times.

Benefits of Google Analytics Integration:

  • Enhanced User Experience: Google Analytics aids one in refining your platform based on user metrics, fostering increased customer loyalty.
  • Strategic Budget Allocation: Determine the most fruitful marketing channels, ensuring more intelligent budget allocation and maximized returns.
  • Trend Forecasting: Real-time data from Google Analytics lets you foresee and adapt to the evolving trends in online food ordering.

How do you set up the integration?

Setting up the integration is easy. Once you have your GA tracking code from your Google Analytics account. Simply log in to your CloudWaitress account and click manage > settings > integrations > Google Analytics> paste your GA code and save.

Shows what the Google Analytics integration panel looks like inside CloudWaitress

Support Guide

Click here for our latest step-by-step support guide on setting up the CloudWaitress Google Analytics integration.

If you need additional assistance please contact our friendly support team via chat or email.


In today’s digital age, an online ordering system without Google Analytics is like sailing without a compass.’s integration ensures you have the best tools and insightful data to navigate the vast online food ordering seas. Are you eager to leverage unparalleled data analytics for your online food venture? Embark on your journey with and its Google Analytics prowess. Elevate your digital footprint and catalyze growth with our holistic solution.


Harnessing Google Analytics in Online Ordering

What does Google Analytics bring to an online ordering system?

Integrating Google Analytics, as done by, empowers restaurants and food businesses to accept online orders while delving deep into customer behaviour, website traffic patterns, and conversion analytics.

Why opt for's Google Analytics-enhanced online ordering system?'s seamless fusion with GA ensures you're always in the loop with real-time insights, optimising your online ordering experience and marketing outreach.

How does Google Analytics amplify my online ordering platform?

GA highlights user behaviour, traffic influx sources, and conversion dynamics. This integration is pivotal for strategic decision-making, marketing optimisation, and elevating user experience.

Is the integration process with Google Analytics complicated?

Not at all. has streamlined the process, allowing you to effortlessly connect your GA account and start tracking valuable metrics with just a few clicks.

Can I differentiate between mobile and desktop orders using this Google Analytics integration?

Absolutely. Our online ordering system's integration with Google Analytics provides distinct insights into desktop and mobile user behaviour, ensuring you can fine-tune the ordering experience across all devices.

How will Google Analytics integration boost my marketing ROI?

Google Analytics clearly shows which marketing campaigns drive traffic and conversions. With this data, you can allocate your budget more effectively, ensuring a higher return on investment for your marketing initiatives.

Are there any hidden costs for the Google Analytics integration?

No, there are no additional costs. believes in transparency and offers Google Analytics integration as a value-added feature to enhance your digital experience.

How can I customise reports within Google Analytics for my online ordering data?

Yes, you can! One of the standout benefits of integrating Google Analytics with our online ordering system is the ability to craft custom reports within the Google Analytics platform. This integration lets you tap into the rich reporting and insights Google Analytics is renowned for, explicitly tailored to your online ordering data.

Why is Google Analytics crucial for online food-ordering businesses?

Understanding your audience's behaviour and preferences is paramount in the digital landscape. An online ordering system integrated with Google Analytics gives you the insights necessary to refine the user experience, tweak marketing strategies, and drive consistent growth for your business.

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