Hubster Review

May 29, 2024 — Cloudwaitress

Going online or offering deliveries is now the next level in the restaurant business. However, this transition is not easy, and that’s what makes companies like Hubster so important. 

Hence, this article will be a Hubster review. It’ll offer important information regarding this brand to all restaurant owners out there. This review will offer detailed pricing information and a detailed overview of Hubster features.

Apart from Hubster, there are other alternatives that you can depend on, the best of which is Cloudwaitress. In this Hubster review, you’ll also learn how Cloudwaitress compares to Hubster and why it’s better.

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What is Hubster?

Husbter is a restaurant operating system that combines POS, direct ordering, and delivery apps on one platform. Hubster works by connecting all the apps needed to run your restaurant in one place.

This includes delivery, point of sale, direct-to-consumer, and counter apps.

Simply put, Hubster is a platform that allows a restaurant to quickly and sustainably grow their business.

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Hubster features

This section of our Hubster review will tell you what features to expect when you use Hubster.

Order Management

You can get rid of the extra tablets now, as Hubster is built to handle multiple orders. Whether you’re online or offline, you can manage your workflow on one tablet. You can also customize everything about your order workflow, including the notification sound.

Hubster POS

Your POS doesn’t have to be pricey, and neither does it have to come with features you won’t ever use. Hubster provides a POS that is built for the delivery restaurant business. This POS also works offline, so your customers can swipe, insert, and tap cards as usual.


Hubster offers strong analytical tools that’ll show you the overall performance of your restaurant. You can also integrate your delivery apps, POS, and other systems to view all their data in one place. If you’re running a marketing campaign or promo on your delivery app, you can measure its impact using this tool.


Get some more free time on your hands as Hubster automates your promotions across delivery apps. You don’t need to spend time picking the perfect promos, either, as Husbter can learn from trends in your data. With this, all your marketing finances will be money well spent, as they will hit their mark.

Digital Dine-In

Hubster allows customers to place their orders through a QR code. This will reduce customer wait time, improve table turnover, and improve staff efficiency.

Online Ordering

Hubster offers a commission-free online ordering platform, so you don’t lose any portion of your sales. This online ordering platform supports numerous payment methods, offers flexible ordering conditions, and allows customers to make delivery preferences.

Menu Management

Using the order manager feature, you can remove items from your menu at any time. You can also edit menu items, add food images, import menus from other platforms, and edit item prices when needed. When you’re done with the edits, you can send them to all your delivery apps with one click.

Real-Time Updates

Hubster offers real-time updates on your orders, sales, and cancellations. Using these details, you can monitor your performance and optimize the services when needed.

Hubster pricing

In this section of our Hubster review, we’ll tell you about the prices you need to worry about when using this company.

Hubster Lite$29 per monthOrder Manager
Hubster Core$59 per monthOrder Manager, Menus, Analytics, and Virtual Brands.
Hubster Premium$79 per monthOrder Manager, Menus, Analytics, Virtual brands, Online Ordering, and Digital Dine-In.
Online Ordering$39 per monthDiscounts, scheduled orders, centralized menu, etc.
Hubster POS$59 per monthMenu management, business insights, etc.

Introducing Cloudwaitress—the better Hubster alternative

Throughout this Hubster review, we’ve introduced the Hubster brand and its features. Nonetheless, there is another alternative that you can consider instead of Hubster, and this is Cloudwaitress. This section of the Hubster review will introduce Cloudwaitress and all it has to offer.

Cloudwaitress is another online ordering system that is primed to help restaurants deliver and grow. It’s a platform that makes the average website accessible on the web.

It offers many useful capabilities for online restaurants, like managing orders online, printing receipts automatically, and integrating delivery services.

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Cloudwaitress features

To provide a solid comparison, this section of the Hubster review will cover the features of Cloudwaitress

One Tablet and One Printer

You don’t need more than one tablet or printer with Cloudwaitress. All orders can be aggregated in one place, so one tablet and one printer can handle everything. 

Calculating Taxes

This online ordering system allows restaurant owners to easily apply taxes to the price of things on their menus. This includes inclusive, exclusive, and compounding taxes.

Ordering Website

Cloudwaitress allows restaurant owners to create their own white-labeled websites and app that are connected to a unique domain name. The restaurant owners also get a free SSL certificate for extra security.

Admin Dashboard

You can create multiple accounts for managing the restaurant with Cloudwaitress. One would be for the admin, and others for different staff. With the admin dashboard, restaurant owners can manage settings, create menu orders, and also restrict the access of staff accounts.


Cloudwaitress is a global restaurant management system that supports currencies from all over the world. This support also allows this restaurant to provide precise financial calculations.

Bring Your Own (BYO) Hardware

Cloudwaitress doesn’t discriminate; you can use any tablet, computer, or printer of your choice with this platform. Of course, a Windows tablet or computer is the most recommended for seamless printing.

Online Payments

With Cloudwaitress, you can receive payments to your merchant account from a variety of online payment providers. This improves sales as customers have many options to choose from.


There are a variety of languages available on this online ordering interface. Customers can easily choose the language that they are most fluent in.


Cloudwaitress supports more than 1,200 integrations, including social media platforms. This allows it to enhance sales and extend the reach of that restaurant.

Regular Updates

Cloudwaitress believes in innovation, so there is always a constant stream of updates and features added to the system. Sometimes, customer feedback can also necessitate new updates.

Mobile Apps

Restaurant owners can get their own custom Android and iOS apps with Cloudwaitress. These apps are a great way to build a brand and stand out. 

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Cloudwaitress pricing

In this section of the Hubster review, we’ll be showing how Cloudwaitress differs from Hubster based on price.

Free$0100 orders and reservations, online ordering website, promotional codes, all system integrations, a landing page website, and more.
Standard$39 per monthUnlimited orders, online ordering website, five staff accounts, a landing page website, promotional codes, all system integrations, and more.
Enterprise$299+ per monthHigh-priority support, promotional codes, unlimited orders and bookings, an online ordering website, unlimited staff accounts, and more.

Why Cloudwaitress is the better alternative

If you’re looking for a suitable Hubster alternative, there is none better than Cloudwaitress. In this section of the Hubster review, you’ll learn why Cloudwaitress is such a good alternative.

  • Free Account: Unlike Hubster, Cloudwaitress offers a free plan. Even though it only works for 100 orders, this free plan offers everything the paid plan does. It’s perfect for anyone who wants to try the services of Cloudwaitress.
  • iOS and Android Apps: Hubster only offers an iOS app. Cloudwaitress, however, also offers an Android app for their platform.
  • International Option: For an international audience, there is none better than Cloudwaitress. That’s because this platform works anywhere in the world.
  • Integration: Cloudwaitress aggregates orders from popular delivery platforms like Doordash, GrubHub, and UnderEats.
  • Custom Website Design: Cloudwaitress doesn’t run a one-size-fits-all service. Rather, each restaurant gets a personalized platform with a custom-designed website.

Conclusion to our Hubster review

This Hubster review shows that Hubster is a legitimate online ordering brand, with many features geared toward this purpose.

Despite its accomplishments, however, Cloudwaitress is an obviously better alternative. As shown in this Hubster review, Cloudwaitress offers a free option for their service, custom website designs, and much more.

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What delivery platforms are integrated with Hubster?

Hubster is integrated with DoorDash, Uber Eats, and HungryPanda.

What types of businesses does Hubster work for?

Husbter works for delivery-only ghost kitchens, grocery stores, small restaurants, and enterprises.

Does Hubster have a mobile app?

Yes, Hubster has a mobile app that allows you to manage your restaurant on the go. However, this app is only available for iPhones.