Turbocharge Your Food Business with Our Game-Changing Online Ordering System

July 7, 2023 — Cloudwaitress

Uncover how our innovative online ordering system can supercharge your food business in this comprehensive guide. Explore how seamless order management and an enhanced customer experience can drive your brand’s success in the digital space. By harnessing the power of our system, you’re one step away from dominating the food industry online.

Welcome to the New Era of Food Service!

In our buzzing, digital world, food businesses are embracing the transformative power of online ordering systems more than ever. Meet our trailblazing online ordering system, packed with bespoke features tailored to serve the unique needs of your restaurant, café, bakery, bar, food truck, pub, coffee shop, and beyond.

It’s All About You

We’re not just an online ordering platform but your end-to-end solution for bridging online orders and in-house management. Please peek at our happy clients like itsmirchi.com.au, who’ve seen their operations streamline remarkably with our platform. CloudWaitress isn’t just a tool; it’s an ally, finely calibrated to cater to all your needs and keep an eye on the future trends in the food industry.

Delivery? No Cost to You!

Here’s an exciting nugget! Our partnership with Uber allows us to offer you zero-cost delivery. Say goodbye to hefty commissions from third-party ordering services, as your customers shoulder the delivery fees. Our online ordering system paired with Uber means timely, hot meals delivered to your customer’s doorstep. It’s a win-win situation trimming your operational costs while keeping your customers’ content and food prices as competitive as possible.

Smoothing Out Your Operations

Forget hitches in your operations. Our system makes your order processes run like clockwork, helping you avoid common pitfalls like overbooking or mix-ups. It’s all about ensuring a smooth, hassle-free experience for you and your customers.

Crafting Memorable Customer Experiences

A great customer experience is about more than serving delicious food. It’s about offering a seamless ordering process. Our system provides an intuitive, app-like interface making navigation a breeze. Customers can revisit past orders, log in with Google or Facebook, and pay with Apple pay / Google pay within a few clicks. As a result, businesses using our system have seen a staggering 3X increase in sales just by changing platforms!

Going Mobile, Because Your Customers Are

The smartphone revolution is here, and it’s time your restaurant rides the wave. Our system empowers you to launch a mobile-responsive site on your website domain, perfectly mirroring your restaurant’s brand.


Flexible Fulfilment Options for Ultimate Convenience

Serve convenience to your customers with our system that supports pick-up orders, dine-in, and local delivery options. Plus, we’ve integrated custom QR codes for each table, allowing customers to order and pay right from their phones. Some restaurants offering custom-branded delivery have seen their online direct sales soar by an incredible 93%.

Swift Checkout with Diverse Payment Options

Our design eliminates checkout bottlenecks. Accept Apple Pay, Google Pay, major credit cards, cash, card on pick-up and even build custom payment options. Set rules that adjust based on your preference, leading to a swift checkout experience that leaves your customers satisfied and ready for their next order.

Increasing Your Reach

Growing your business is our ultimate goal. With integrations with major online platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and Google Business, our system ensures your restaurant is on everyone’s radar. We’re obsessed with online ordering and’ll share the latest tips and tricks to help you grow.

Fantastic Support, Just for You

We’re here to offer maximum support with comprehensive resources. Our vast knowledge base has articles and guides that help you set up your online ordering system. From the basics to advanced features, we’ve got you covered.

Our in-house team of professionals extends expert services directly to you, assisting with website design that reflects your brand identity. We understand the nuances of branding in the food industry, and our tech gurus work with skilled designers to craft your platform.

Visibility on search engines is crucial. Our SEO specialists employ state-of-the-art strategies and tools to optimise your online ordering platform, ensuring your food business shines bright.

Real-time chat support (website, in-product and email) handled by real people is just a message away. From setup to daily operation, we’re here to help, emphasising our commitment to your success.

Advanced Printing and More

Our system has advanced printing features, including splitting dockets by station, enhancing kitchen efficiency. Moreover, our unique Order Rush Algorithm dynamically adjusts order acceptance times based on your restaurant’s load and anticipated order volume. If you don’t have a printer and are looking for one, we recommend PushPrinter, which has a delicate balance between quality and price.

Customisation is key; our system allows you to set up custom webhooks to automate actions easily. Our team works with you to create a custom-branded design that reflects your brand.

Driving Traffic with Your Domain

Strengthen your brand and improve SEO using your domain for the online ordering page. CloudWaitress lets you retain control over your customers’ experience and data, which is crucial in today’s data-driven world.

Your Success is Our Success

Your achievements define our success. That’s why our innovative online ordering system manages your orders hands-free, giving you more time to focus on delivering exceptional food and service.

In conclusion, consider our online ordering system a steadfast ally in your restaurant business. It’s about intelligent tech with much heart. We’re committed to partnering with you on your journey to success. We’re excited to help you streamline your operations, reach out to more customers, and take your food business to new heights. Remember, your win is ours, and we’re in this together! Let’s cook up some magic and conquer the food industry one delicious meal at a time!

Online Ordering System with zero cost delivery
Online Ordering System with zero-cost delivery


Q: What is an online ordering system?

A: An online ordering system is a digital platform that enables customers to order products or services directly from a business's website or app. It's a highly efficient and convenient method for managing orders that have become critical in the food industry.

Q: How can your online ordering system benefit my restaurant?

A: Our platform is adaptable, fitting seamlessly with all types of food businesses, from high-end restaurants to bustling food trucks. We offer a mobile-optimised website that handles all your online ordering and fulfilment needs, effectively acting as an additional pair of hands that allow you to focus on crafting excellent meals while we manage your online operations.

Q: Why should I implement an online ordering system in my food business?

A: Implementing an online ordering system provides numerous benefits. It offers convenience for customers, streamlines operations, increases order accuracy and widens your customer reach. Moreover, it can provide valuable insights into customer preferences and behaviours, enabling more effective marketing strategies.

Q: How do I get my restaurant's ordering page started for free?

A: Starting is simple and won't cost you anything. Please create a free account with us, then customise the design to best reflect your food and brand with our user-friendly online ordering website builder. You can add items synced from your existing system or imported from a PDF or a current marketplace menu. The only expense you'll incur is a processing fee per transaction.

Q: How does your online ordering system work?

A: Our system provides a user-friendly interface where customers can browse your menu, make selections, choose fulfilment options (pick-up, delivery, dine-in), and pay securely. From the business end, you receive orders in real time, which reduces the chance of errors and improves efficiency. We offer advanced features like zero-cost delivery partnerships with Uber, a mobile-responsive design, various payment options, and SEO implementation.

Q: Can I use your online ordering system to sell on social media?

A: Definitely! Our platform allows you to publish the ordering system to your domain name. As such, directing customers to order directly from social media is as simple as linking your custom-branded ordering URL to popular social platforms like Instagram, Facebook, and Google.

Q: What payment options do you offer?

A: We support Google Pay, Apple Pay, all major credit cards, and cash. We even allow the creation of custom payment methods with acceptance rules. This functionality guarantees a fast and convenient checkout process, boosting customer satisfaction.

Q: Can I use my domain for the online ordering system?

A: Yes, you can. Using our online ordering system allows you to strengthen your brand identity, improve SEO, and maintain complete control over your customer data.

Q: What fulfilment options does your platform offer?

A: We provide flexible fulfilment options to match your customers' preferences, including in-house delivery, zero-cost third-party delivery, pick-up, and dine-in services with custom QR code ordering. Our system enables you to customise settings for fulfilment windows, order schedules, and cut-off times, ensuring your kitchen operations remain efficient.

Q: Do you provide support for setting up the online ordering system?

A: We offer comprehensive support to ensure a smooth setup process. You can access a rich collection of helpful articles in our Support Center or hire a certified agency for website design, online ordering page setup, and SEO needs. Our team is available for a more personalised approach to help you find the right online ordering solution and pricing plan for your requirements.

Q: How can an online ordering system improve my SEO?

A: An online ordering system can enhance your SEO by directing traffic to your website instead of third-party platforms. Using your domain, you can implement SEO strategies such as keyword optimisation, backlinking, and content marketing to improve your site's ranking on search engines, increasing visibility to potential customers.