How can I improve my online ordering system?

July 3, 2019 — Cloudwaitress

Want to learn how you can improve your customers online food ordering experience? Let us show you how it can be done

So you are looking to find out how to improve your customer’s online ordering experience for your food business? The first thing to find out is what type of online ordering system you are using. Generally speaking, there are 2 types, marketplace systems such as Uber Eats and standalone systems like CloudWaitress.

If you are only using a marketplace system, there is very little you can do. These systems are tightly controlled and there often aren’t many options that can be modified. Marketplace ordering systems have their place but they shouldn’t be relied on due to the lack of control you have over it.

If you don’t have a standalone ordering system, we recommend that you try out the CloudWaitress free plan which will allow you to create your own highly customizable ordering system and website.

With a standalone system, there are generally tons of options that you can tinker with to help improve your customer experience. You can:

  • Choose the correct type of layout that presents your food best
  • Add numerous payment methods to give customers many choices
  • Allow customers to checkout as guests to avoid signing up
  • Allow customers to login via social platforms such as Google and Facebook
  • Provide free delivery for orders over a certain amount
  • Create promotion codes to boost sales

That’s just the start, we recommend that you do a deep dive into all the system has to offer and customize everything to your liking. Some ordering systems such as CloudWaitress even provide a feature request portal allowing you to suggest features you want to see in the system.