Cloudwaitress Features

With Cloudwaitress you get the best of the best. Pick out what features work for you and leave the ones that don’t.

  • Order History

    Logged in customers can easily view their order history and access all their order receipts

  • Quick Re-orders

    Customers can re-order their saved previous orders easily for express checkout

  • Guest Accounts

    Customers ordering without logging in are created as guests in the system. Guest's are automatically matched the next time by the name, email and phone

  • E-Mail Accounts

    Customers can create accounts easily with the email address. They can login from any device to easily access past receipts and orders

  • Social Accounts

    Make it easy for your customers to sign up with Facebook and Google accounts. Automatically collect valuable data stored about the customers by these platforms

  • Customer Analytics

    See the details of all your customer such as their type, name, email, phone, total sales, total orders, web sessions, delivery addresses and more

  • Customer Data Export

    Your data is yours. All your customers can easily be exported to CSV / Excel format for use with 3rd party applications