Cloudwaitress Features

With Cloudwaitress you get the best of the best. Pick out what features work for you and leave the ones that don’t.

  • Automated Order Printing

    Automatically print new orders whenever they are placed with a less than 10 second delay

  • Manual Order Printing

    Manually print copies of your orders directly from our web interface to any printer connected to our software

  • Customizable Order Receipts

    Create custom receipts with your own header and footer. Modify the details on the receipt to create one for the kitchen and one for the customer

  • Unlimited Printers & Printing

    Utilize any number of printers at once each with their own unique configurations and print as many orders and copies without limits

  • Windows & Android Receipt Printing

    Connect your printer to any Windows Android or Linux device. Connect also almost any thermal receipt printer to our PushPrinter software and link it up to your account

  • Designed For Thermal Printers

    Our receipts are optimized for standard thermal printers used across retail operations but they work with any printer or paper size

  • Raspberry Pi & SBC Printing

    Run our printing software on a Raspberry Pi or other Linux based single board computers as an alternative to Windows printing