Cloudwaitress Features

With Cloudwaitress you get the best of the best. Pick out what features work for you and leave the ones that don’t.

  • Pickups

    Allow customers to easily place a pickup order for immediate collection or at a later time within your opening hours

  • Deliveries

    Order for delivery within a certain range of your store location or within designated zones

  • Dine-In & Room Service

    Customers can place orders directly from their table with optional password protection. Use with QR codes or NFC tags to improve the experience

  • Table Bookings & Reservations

    Customers can request a table booking online and stay updated on the status of their booking via e-mail updates

  • Order History

    Logged in customers can easily view their order history and re-order the same items with ease

  • Express Checkout

    Customers can easily re-order as all their checkout and delivery information is saved for future orders

  • Guest & Customer Checkout

    Customers can checkout as guests or login via email, Facebook or Google. All customer information is tracked for your use including guests through matching their checkout details

  • Real-Time Order Receipt

    Customers get a unique web URL as their receipt once an order is placed. They can view changes to their order status in real-time as you update it through the management interface

  • Customer E-Mail Receipt

    All customers will receive an e-mail notification confirming their order was placed along with a PDF receipt for reference

  • QR Code & NFC Ordering

    Dine-in orders can be initiated by scanning a QR code or tapping an NFC tag to automatically bring up your website with the table / room numbered entered and ready to order

  • Accept Orders Anytime

    Customers can place orders which are due immediately or for a later time within your designated opening hours. Set multiple opening and closing times per day

  • Order Statuses

    Track the fulfilment of orders with built-in order statuses. Customers are notified in real-time whenever you update an order

  • Automated Statuses

    Automatically update order statuses based on the amount of time that has passed since the order was placed. Useful if you have a large volume of orders

  • Automated Wait Times

    Accurately determine order wait times for every order type to improve your customer experience

  • Conditional Fees

    Configure custom fees based on certain order conditions. Fees can have both a fixed and percent based value. E.g. credit card fee, $0.30 + 2.8%

  • Audio, Email & Device Notifications

    Receive notifications whenever an order is placed. Notifications can be sent to 3 e-mails. Audio can be customized by duration and noise. Devices supporting notifications will receive one

  • Accurate Delivery Wait Times

    Customers are provided with accurate delivery wait times that take into consideration the time it takes to prepare food along with the driving time

  • Delivery Conditions

    Configure a minimum order for deliveries, set custom times for deliveries, only accept orders within a certain range of your store

  • Delivery Zoning

    Create specific delivery zones for each of your store locations and charge a different fee for each zone

  • Customizable Delivery Pricing

    Delivery fees can be a fixed fee, a fee based on the distance to the store or a fee based on the delivery zones for a store location

  • Promotional Codes

    Create promo codes for fixed and percent based discounts. Restrict promotions based on a number of different available rules.

  • Promo Rules

    Promos can be targeted to specific dishes, a maximum number of uses or to customers which are logged in. Promos can also be restricted to specific days and times

  • Automatically Apply Promos

    A promo code can be automatically applied to a customers cart if they meet the requirements defined by the promo

  • Built-In Age Verifications

    Enable age restriction to allow registered customers to submit their ID for approval by your staff

  • Age Restricted Menus

    Only approved customers can order from age-restricted menus. Perfect for use in bars or clubs

  • Manage & Revoke Approval

    Easily retain and view customers IDs for future use. Revoke age approval for a customer if needed