Our Features

Our mission is to develop the most comprehensive but simple online ordering solution


Reduce lines and save time on phone calls by allowing your customers to place a pickup order online


Accept orders within a geographical area of your store, charge a delivery fee and set a minimum order

Accept Orders Anytime

Give your customers to freedom to place orders for immediate pickup, or for a later date

Multiple Restaurant Locations

Customers can select a location when ordering. Delivery orders are automatically routed to the nearest available store

Multiple Opening Hours

Set multiple opening and close times daily and ensure orders are only placed during these times. Set different pickup and delivery times

Multiple Menus

Create menus for breakfast, lunch and dinner. Allow menus to be dine-in, or Saturdays only. Create your menu how you want it

Highly Customizable Dishes

Create different options for your menu. Extra sauce? No problem. No pickles? We hear you. Double meat? Our favourite


Create promo codes for fixed and percent based discounts. Ensure they are valid only on certain times and days with a set amount of uses

Responsive Online Store

Your store looks and works great on all devices. Grid and list layout for menus with or without images

Website Alternative

Don't have a website? Use your custom online store as your restaurant website since it already contains all your information

Collect Payments Online

Make credit card payments easy for your customers. Using Stripe, you’ll see money going directly to your account

PayPal Integration

Connect your PayPal account to easily accepts online payments via credit-cards and PayPal accounts with money going directly to your account

Automated Printing

Connect nearly any printer attached to a computer over the internet. Automatically and manually print orders. Each store location can have its own printer. More Info

Real-Time Order Receipt

Customers get a unique URL as their order receipt where they can view changes to their order status or ready in time live

Web Notifications

Customers using devices supporting web notifications will be updated via their device when their order is updated

Hybrid App

Users can now add your site to their device homescreen. A feature that allows configured websites to act as an installed mobile app

Facebook Store

Create a tab on your facebook page that mimics your online store allowing customers to order directly through FB

Built-In Contact Form

Customers can easily reach you by sending an e-mail from your contact form embedded on you online store

Your Unique Design

Customize every color and image to create your own unique design that suits your branding. No watermarks at all

Manage Orders On Any Device

Use any device to receive and manage orders in real-time. View the most important information directly from the dashboard

Complete Filtering

Easily filter your orders by locations, statuses, types and more. Search for numbers, names, emails, etc.

Basic Reports

See your orders and sales over time along with their status breakdown

Automated Statuses

Automatically change order statuses according to the time elapsed from the order being placed

Search Engine Optimization

Set your page title and meta tags for maximum search engine visibility

Hosting, Domain & SSL

Easy custom domain integration with FREE SSL certificate included and we handle all the hosting

Fast & Easy Setup

Enter your business details, menu items, location and we'll generate your own online store

Regular Updates

You won't outgrow us with our regular updates, improvements and fixes to improve your experience

Coming Soon

We are constantly releasing new updates and features

Dine-Ins & Bookings*

Give your customers the convenience of ordering directly from their table, or booking a table in advance

Analytics Integration *

Integrate Google Analytics & Mixpanel to gather valuable information on your customers and visits

Custom Notifications *

Automatically send email and sms receipts to any mobile or computer when orders are placed

Order Modifications *

Allow customers to make modifications to their order with your approval after being placed

Customer Accounts *

Allow customers to save their favourite orders and easily re-order again

Staff Views & Accounts *

Create new accounts for staff to limit access to different screens and menus

More Integrations *

Connect your platform with payment, POS, SMS, CRM and other services