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Accept and fulfill a variety of orders with our robust online ordering system


Reduce lines and save time on phone calls by allowing your customers to place a pick-up order online


Accept orders within a geographical area of your store with customizable conditions such as delivery fee, max driving distance and minimum order value

Accept Orders Anytime

Give your customers the freedom to place orders for immediate collection, or for a later date within your opening hours

Order Statuses

Track the fulfillment of orders with built-in order statuses. Automatically change order statuses based on the time from the order being placed

Automated Printing

Connect nearly any printer attached to a Windows computer over the internet to automatically or manually print orders. Each store location can have its own set of printers

Automated E-Mails

Enable e-mail notifications for both you and your customers when they place an online order at your store

Promotional Codes

Create promo codes for fixed and percent based discounts. Ensure they are only valid on certain times and days with a set amount of uses

Conditional Order Fees

Configure custom fees based on certain order conditions. Fees can have both a fixed and percent based value. E.g. credit card fee, $0.30 + 2.8%

Multiple & Compounding Taxes

Configure any number of taxes to be applied to orders with your prices either inclusive or exclusive of tax. Taxes can also be compounding

Basic Order Analytics

Gain an insight into your performance and see your order and sales totals along with other valuable information

Advanced Order Analytics (Coming Soon)

Slice and dice all your ordering data to generate any kind of custom report needed. E.g. see your total sales by payment method, most popular dishes, etc.

Bookings & Dine-In's (Coming Soon)

Give your customers the convenience of ordering directly from their table, or booking a table in advance


Capture and access valuable customer information to better understand your business and improve their experience

Guest Accounts

Customers who place orders without logging in are created as guests in the system. Guest's are automatically matched the next time by the name, email and phone

Social Accounts

Enable customers to login via Facebook and Google. Receive valuable information on the customer such as their age, gender and profile picture

Order History & Express Checkout

Customers who log in will have their order history permanently saved along with their personal information. This is used for future orders to pre-fill all the fields to ensure a smoother ordering experience

Customer Analytics

View a breakdown of all your customers by type, name, email, phone, total sales, total orders, web sessions, delivery addresses and more

E-Mail Accounts (Coming Soon)

Enable customers to create an account and login with their email address

Customer Data Export (Coming Soon)

Export all your customer information to useful formats such as CSV or Excel. Use this to important your customers into other software's such as e-mail marketing tools

Promotional Targeting (Coming Soon)

Create promotions that are targeted to particular customers such as those with a certain number of orders or who have registered over a year ago

Advanced Customer Analytics (Coming Soon)

Get a detailed insight into the entire lifecycle of your customer. See their favourite dishes, frequent order times, and more

Store Locations

Supports single location and multi location businesses each with different menus and settings

Multiple Locations

Built to handle a large number of store locations while still providing a user friendly experience

Multiple Opening Hours

Set multiple opening and close times daily and ensure orders are only placed during these times. Set different pick-up and delivery times

Delivery Order Routing

Delivery orders are automatically routed to the nearest available store location when placing an order which saves your customer the time to find their closest location

Multiple Printers

Support multiple printers for each store location with their own unique configurations. Automatically print out orders to any number of printers simultaneously


Create the most customizable menus and dishes with a variety of conditions and options

Multiple Menus With Conditions

Create any number of menus segmented by store locations and a variety of conditions such as order types, dates and times. E.g. create a lunch menu, pickup menu or pre-order only menu

Combo Dishes & Meals

Create dishes that require customers to select a combination of dishes. This can be used to create combos and meals such as choose 3 pizzas and a drink

Advanced Dish Customization

Create a variety of customizable options for each dish. E.g. meat types, optional sauces, diy pizza toppings, build your own dishes and more

Dish Statuses

Flag dishes as out of stock or not available for ordering on a per location basis. You can also hide dishes from your menu

Online Ordering Website

Generate your own fully customizable online ordering website hosted under CloudWaitress or at your own web domain

Responsive & Mobile Friendly

Your online store is designed to look great, work smoothly and provide a great ordering experience across all devices such as phones, tablets and desktops

Customizable Design & Branding

Customize every color and image to create your own unique design that suits your branding. Get access to all the fonts at Google Font Library. No watermarks and fully white-labeled

Showcase Your Menus & Information

Display all your menus, dishes and information in a way that's easily accessible to all your customers

Use Your Domain (SSL Included)

Connect your own custom domain to your online store. Our server will automatically generate and manage your SSL certificate for your domain to enable HTTPS security

Built-In Contact Form

Customers can easily reach you by directly e-mailing you from the contact form embedded in you online store

Real-Time Order Receipts

Customers get a unique web URL as their receipt once an order is placed. There they can view changes to their order status in real-time as you update it through the management interface

Express Checkout

Automatically remember all your customer's details and previous orders. Regular customers will enjoy the ability to easily order their favourite meals in just a few clicks

Age Restricted Website

Set a minimum age for users to purchase from your store. When a user visits your site and places an order, they will be required to confirm that they are over a certain age

SEO Friendly

Get discovered by search engines easily by customizing your page title and meta tags for maximum search engine visibility

Full Website Replacement

Don't have a website? Use your custom online store as your business website since it already contains all the information your customers are looking for

Use Your Existing Website

Enable customers to order directly through your existing website by embedding your generated online store into your own website using an IFrame

Online Management System

The online management system allows you to setup and manage your online store's settings, menus and orders with ease

Works On All Devices

The online management interface is designed to work well on all devices and is even perfect to setup in-store on a tablet

Real-Time Order Management

Manage orders in real-time without page reloads through the order management interface. Orders will automatically be highlighted on the interface as they come through

Fully Documented & Easy To Use

Every feature and setting is fully documented and explained alongside the option. This way you can easily understand how everything works as you progress

Staff Accounts

Create restricted staff accounts with custom login ID and password. Restrict accounts to only particular pages to prevent unauthorized access

Advanced Functionality

Get the most out of your online ordering system with our advanced integrations and features

Online Credit Card Payments

Capture online payments from a variety of credit card directly to your Stripe account with our integration

PayPal Online Payments

Connect your PayPal account to easily accepts online payments via PayPal and credit cards with all the money going directly to your account

Facebook Ordering

Create a tab on your Facebook page that mimics your online store allowing customers to order directly through FB

Hybrid Mobile App

Users can now add your site to their device home screen. A feature that allows configured websites to act as an installed mobile app

Native Mobile App

Get your own custom branded native mobile application that you can upload to the Google Play Store or Apple App Store. ($150 Setup Fee)

POS Integration (Coming Soon)

Automatically send orders directly to your POS systems as they are placed


The solid base upon which everything else is built


Built to handle all the region of the world. All your currencies, dates and times are formatted in the most understandable way for your local customers


We support nearly every currency in the world with precise financial calculations

No Contracts & Low Prices

We don't believe in contracts or high prices. There are no startup or setup fees and you can also cancel your account at any time online

Regular Updates

Get access to a constant stream of new updates and features that are regularly added to the system

BYO Hardware

Use any hardware, tablets, PC's or printers without any issues. We recommend a Windows tablet or PC for printing compatibility

First Class Support

Get in touch with us easily with our near 24/7 support. We are always here to assist you setup and manage your online ordering system

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