Deliverect Review

May 29, 2024 — Cloudwaitress

This Deliverect review will provide a comprehensive insight into the platform offerings, features, pricing, pros, and cons.

Restaurants that have an online ordering platform can increase their takeout revenue by 30% over those that don’t. This percentage can even get higher if you choose an effective food ordering solution.

One of the most popular e-food ordering platforms is Deliverect. Deliverect is a Belgium-based company that helps restaurants manage POS systems, payments, and online meal orders. It offers features like delivery notifications, sales tracking, and menu modification. 

Additionally, Deliverect provides email and phone assistance, tier pricing, and platform integration—ideal for restaurants of all sizes. 

Let’s review Deliverect and recommend an alternative digital food ordering company that’s more cost-effective and offers the best value for money. 

Let’s get started.

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What is Deliverect and how does it work?

Deliverect simplifies online food delivery for restaurants. Serving as a central center, it combines orders from multiple services like Deliveroo, Glovo, and UberEats. Furthermore, the platform can easily interact with your current point-of-sale system, reducing the need for double entry and expediting the procedure.

Here’s how the platform works:

  • You can create menus in Deliverect or sync them straight from your point of sale. 
  • Orders from all channels are guaranteed to flow immediately to your POS for seamless fulfillment thanks to real-time order processing. 
  • If your point of sale doesn’t provide a dispatch solution, Deliverect does, which simplifies delivery administration. 
  • Utilize thorough reporting to obtain insightful information that will help you make data-driven decisions and maximize your online presence.

Deliverect features

Here are some of the unique features that Deliverect has to offer:

  • Order Management: Deliverect can combine all of your online orders and connect them with your current point of sale system, streamlining the operational flow of your restaurant.
  • Menu & Stock Management: With just a single click, you can change all of your online menus using the platform’s tools to better manage your stock!
  • Analytics: Deliverect’s Insights tool offers informative reporting features and analytics to help you understand your company like never before.
  • Integrated P.O.S. Solution: You can manage all of your sales channels and conduct transactions straight from the Deliverect app. 
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Deliverect pricing

This section of our Deliverect review will cover how the delivery system’s pricing works

Pricing Model: Subscription, Quotation Based

Free Version: No

Free trial: Yes

Basic features offered across Deliverect pricing plans;

  • All-in-one solution to centralize all your online orders
  • Agile multi-menu management: i.e. schedule menus and snooze items!
  • Reliable two-way POS and delivery channels integrations
  • Insightful reporting dashboards: i.e. managing peak hours more efficiently
  • Personalized onboarding and 24/7 phone support
  • Easy multi-location & virtual brands management


  • €69 per month + 1 time set-up fee
  • 151 Orders per Month
  • Basic features 


  • €99 per Month + 1 time set-up fee
  • 370 Orders per Month
  • Basic features


  • €149 per Month + 1 time set-up fee
  • 767 Orders per Month
  • Basic features 


  • Custom pricing
  • Dedicated account manager
  • Priority onboarding
  • Custom open API

Pros and cons of Deliverect

This section of our Deliverect review will cover the pros and cons of using this food ordering company.

Pros of DeliverectCons of Deliverect
Deliverect seamlessly integrates with numerous online ordering services, such as Uber Eats, DoorDash, and Grubhub.Deliverect is an expensive option for online restaurants because it charges more for each brand.
Deliverect can transmits all orders in real time to a variety of POSDeliverect costs more than alternatives like Cloudwaitress.
Deliverect has the capability of accommodating numerous European interconnections for restaurants that desire foreign expansion in the future. Tracking drivers and making real-time order adjustments (such refunds or upcharges) requires the delivery tablets be turned on and in use.
The platform provides a simple-to-use analytics to support improved decision-making
You can process menu modifications in a single app.
Easy-to-use interface that facilitates platform management for distribution
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Deliverect alternative: how does Cloudwaitress compare

Below is a comparison between Deliverect and Cloudwaitress to help you decide which is better for your specific needs.

Deliverect Cloudwaitress
IntegrationDeliverect boasts up to 500 third-party integrations, including Apicbase, Tango, Slerp, StoreKit, Hungrrr, Presto, Flipdish, Shopify,  and WooCommerce.Cloudwaitress covers key partnerships with 15 third-party companies including Stripe, PayPal, UberDirect, and more.
International ReachDeliverect services are only available for customers in European countries and some parts of the middle east.Cloudwaitress prides itself on international coverage and can work anywhere in the world.
Pricing To get access to Deliverect features, you need to pay at least €65 for their “small” price plan. This amount can rack up to €149 and more depending on your needs and restaurant size. However, Deliverect doesn’t offer a free plan or trial period on their services.Cloudwaitress is reasonably priced with their premium starting plan “Standard” priced as low as $39 per store/month. While this amount can get up to $299/month, it still falls within budget for most restaurants. Also, for beginner restaurant owners, you can use Cloudwaitress for free without having to input your credit card details. You can always migrate to a premium plan and your restaurant scales up operation.
Ease of UseIn terms of ease of use, Deliverect did a great job on their interface. Setting up and usage is as smooth as it gets, plus they offer great support for customers from the beginning. However, the only flaw the platform has is that not every aggregator is integrated. They can do a better job if all integrations flow through one system.Cloudwaitress’s interface is built to house all the online ordering features the platform offers in one place. The platform also aggregates orders from Doordash, UberEats and GrubHub. Restaurant owner doesn’t need 3 tablets and 3 printer, all can done through Cloudwaitress system with 1 tablet and 1 printer.
FeaturesDeliverect has a plethora of advanced features that streamlines the online food ordering process for restaurants. Some of these features include API, delivery tracking, electronic payments, inventory management, inventory tracking, order management, order processing, order tracking, point of sale (POS), reporting & statistics, and table management.Cloudwaitress provides essential features for restaurants. These include ordering website, landing page, admin dashboard, bump screen, online payments, API access, BYO hardware, windows & android receipt printing, iOS & android apps.
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Deliverect review: is Cloudwaitress better than Deliverect?

Cloudwaitress stands out as a better alternative to Deliverect for restaurant owners who are just starting out or looking for an economical all-in-one solution.

This platform is available to restaurants all around the world thanks to their affordable cost and global reach. They also provide a free plan which is suitable for small entrepreneurs trying to test the waters. 

Deliverect has more integrations, however, Cloudwaitress takes care of the basics and has direct integrations with most major delivery services, which could simplify your hardware configuration. 

Finally, Cloudwaitress enables restaurants to run their operations more profitably by centralizing online ordering features and providing an intuitive user experience. 

Try Cloudwaitress out; your money and sanity might appreciate it!

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What type of pricing plan does Deliverect offer?

Deliverect pricing model is subscription based and starts from €69.00/month. There is a free trial period available on the platform.

Who are the typical users of Deliverect?

Deliverect's services are typically used by large corporations, mid-sized businesses, and small businesses that deals with online food ordering.

What language does Deliverect support?

Deliverect is only available in English.

Which devices does Deliverect support?

Deliverect works with iPhone, iPad, and android smartphones.

Does Deliverect offer API access?

Yes, Deliverect has an API available for use.